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Join the Skeptical Scavengers!

Here's how it works:

We will be creating a variety of on-line scavenger hunts. They will be for general subjects, like skepticism, pseudoscience or critical inquiry, and also for specific subjects, like UFO and Alien phenomena or Cryptozoology. Many will involve paranormal cases or extraordinary claims such as the Roswell Incident or the healing power of crystals.

Each scavenger hunt will have a specific number of "items" for you to find online. You can find the "items" anywhere you like in Cyberspace but, if you're having trouble we will be keeping a list of sites where you can definately find the "items" you need to complete your hunt (you may have to search hard though!) For some of the hunts, we will also provide a smaller selection of links right on the particular page for that scavenger hunt.

The scavenger hunt "items" will be from one of the many links we include in the "Scavenger Hunt Links List." The majority of these links will be to web sites and web pages that are maintained by the skeptical community - although we will be including a few pro-paranormal sites and some of the more "neutral" sites as well. This list will grow over time -as more web sites become involved with this activity.

"Items" that you will be required to find to complete your mission will be all sorts of things - graphics, answers to questions, particular text, quotes, objects - who knows! You don't actually "pick up" the objects but instead, you "pick up" the exact URL where the "item" can be found (and if necessary you refer to a particular area on the page where the "item" is located.)

All of the scavenger hunts will be available for you to participate in for as long as the web pages exist. Each scavenger hunt, however, will begin with a prize for the winner. The winner is the person who is able to gather all of the "items" for a particular hunt first, and send those into us. You can send us your scavenger hunt results by filling out the entry form that accompanies each hunt and pressing the submit button. You can also send us a regular e-mail that provides all of the information that is asked for on the forms. When a winner is found for a particular hunt, that scavenger hunt has then been won and we will place a big red sign beside it that says "WINNER: so-and-so" No one else can win that particular scavenger hunt after someone else has won but they can still play it and have fun (maybe learn a thing or two as well.) Sometimes we will also include a link to the answers for a particular scavenger hunt, after it's been won.

Each scavenger hunt will have an online form where the "items" that you have found can be placed - like answers to a quiz. When you submit this form, it comes to us, and we'll let you know if you have won. If you've won we'll send you a prize. We will also announce the winners online. The link to the entry form will be placed on the page for the particular scavenger hunt you are participating in.

Unless otherwise stated, the scavenger hunts are open to all ages.

People or groups that have "items" they wish to include in a scavenger hunt can send those into us by filling out THIS FORM. Or, if groups and/or individuals just want their web pages to be included in our Skeptical Scavenger Hunts, they can send us an e-mail and we will incorporate some of the "items" they have on their site, in a future hunt. Groups and individuals are also invited to create scavenger hunts of their own and include them here.

Websites that are participating in the scavenger hunts are asked to put a graphic on their site that links to the Skeptical Scavenger Hunts activity. That graphic can be found HERE or, you can e-mail us and we'll send you a graphic via e-mail The URL for a graphic and/or text link is:


Ready? Here are the Skeptical Scavenger Hunts:


The Skeptic's Toolbox

The Skeptic's Toolbox scavenger hunt collects "items" that represents a particular tool or thinking skill that is useful in skeptical investigations.

The Process of Science

The Science scavenger hunt explores the methods of science and the many characteristics it has that allows it to serve as a very effective tool in discovering truth and understanding.


Conspiracy Theories

The scavenger hunt for Conspiracy Theories allows you to explore some of the specific ideas that exist today or have existed in the past and also a few of the common ingredients found in conspiracy theories and/or among theorists.

Urban Legends

The Urban Legends scavenger hunt will explore popular modern legends and the more unusual stories that have been passed around as true within society. The hunt will also touch upon the characteristics of an urban legend and the possible "warning flags" that may help you recognize an urban legend when you hear one.

The CryptoZOO

The CryptoZOO scavenger hunt will touch upon a variety of life forms that some believe exist today or have existed in the past. It will also look at a bit of the general evidence in support or against such claims. More specific cases, along with the evidence will be explored in separate scavenger hunts.


What Happened at Roswell?
The Roswell scavenger hunt explores the claims and unusual phenomena that surrounded the alleged UFO crash in Roswell, NM. By looking for particular "items" online, that play a key role in discovering the truth of the matter, you will be able to learn what really happened that far off day in 1947.