Staff & Volunteers
Amanda Chesworth is Educational Director for CSICOP and creator of the Inquring Minds and Darwin Day Program. Her education is in Interdisciplinary Sciences with a focus on evolutionary biology, geology and astronomy. Amanda hails from Canada where she gained experience in the public school system, museums and science centers as well as the educational non-profit sector. She enjoys researching all things bizarre and unusual and promoting critical inquiry and scientific literacy...while having a whole lot of fun.
Barry Karr is the Executive Director of CSICOP and the Center for Inquiry International. Mixing his interest in skepticism with his expertise in business, he has spent a decade leading the skeptical movement on all fronts. He has overseen the publication of several Skeptical Inquirer book collections and has planned science and skeptic conferences around the world. With two children of his own, Barry recognizes that the Young Skeptics program is especially important to the future of CSICOP and society at large.
Rob Beeston is the Director of the Iowa Community Science Inititiave, co-director of the International Darwin Day Program, and manages the website. Rob has had a lifelong interest in science and the paranormal, and has also worked as a professional magician, stand up comic, and ballroom dance instructor. Currently Rob makes his living in the web development field and spends his spare time working on children's books that teach science and critical thinking skills.
Sharon Hill is a geologist in the state of Pennsylvania. Sharon is co-director of the Darwin Day Program and also co-creator of the Inquiring Minds Library. Along with various paranormal topics, Sharon's specific areas of interest are paleontology, evolution, geologic hazards, cryptozoology, and anomalous natural phenomena. Sharon's personal objective is to introduce discoveries to the public who may be unaware; to cut through the jargon and preconceptions and help them understand the importance of the scientific process.
Lisa Jong-Soon Goodlin is the president of Central New York Skeptics. Once a believer in many weird things, she started reading skeptical literature several years ago. One thing led to another, and in April she founded a skeptics group in Central New York. Lisa is also a nationally exhibited artist working in photo-based digital collage and an editor. She lives in Syracuse, New York, with husband Mario Saenz and son Miguel, who is home schooled.
Vicki Hyde is a science popularizer by choice; a Website development manager by profession. Vicki has been awarded the Science and Technology Medal of New Zealand and has been made a Companion of the Royal Society of New Zealand. The Web-based SciTech Daily Review edited by Vicki was a nominee in the Sixth Annual Webby Awards, recognized as one of the top five science sites in the world. Vicki has been Chair-entity of the New Zealand Skeptics for ten years.
Andrea Lynn Steele is a mother of three with an interest in raising them to be independent thinkers. She has always been interested in subjects of the paranormal, and today holds those subjects in a critical light. With writing as her hobby, she spends much time composing for her web page on the subject of supporting other parents with similar interests of raising a family in reason. Andrea works for the Council for Secular Humanism at the Center for Inquiry Florida on the Secular Family Network and the Families in Reason program.
Brad is currently attending school at the University of Waterloo in Canada, majoring in Computer Science. Brad is the web site director for the Inquiring Minds Press and writes fiction and non-fiction of interest to skeptics of all ages. In his spare time Brad enjoys martial arts, cycling, and writing. Brad can be contacted at [email protected].
Eric has a BS EE degree from Lafayette college and works as an engineer helping to develop high tech fiber optics telecommunications equipment. He helped found and is president of the Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking (PhACT) His investigations into fringe physics has made him both appreciated and hated on the internet. Eric has 3 children, likes back packing, roller blading and mountain biking and is an Assistant Scoutmaster.
Jeff Swenson began his cartooning career after graduating from The Art Institute of Seattle. He worked at Humongous Entertainment on the children's software game "Spyfox" and eventually he decided it was time to venture off in pursuit of his real passion--cartooning. Jeff owns a freelance business developing comic strip features for the web and wireless markets as well as animating e-cards in Flash and creating logos and illustrations for a variety of clients. Currently the artist is working on several animated cartoons to be shown on the web. Website
Vaughn has been involved in the skeptical community for many years and currently works at the Center for Inquiry-West in Los Angeles. He is the Inquiring Minds representative at CFI-West and is also involved in numerous projects to promote critical thinking and science within the surrounding community.
Andrew is currently attending school in Timmins Ontario, Canada, and is training as an apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with the local MNR Fire Crew. Andrew is also trained as a theatre lighting, sound, and video technician who has designed and ran dozens of shows and worked with such groups as the Essentials and The Echo's Of Erin. In his spare time he enjoys biking, skiing, writting, drawing, acting, and orienteering.
Benjamin Radford is a writer and managing editor of the Skeptical Inquirer magazine and editor of Skeptical Briefs newsletter. He has visited the sites of Bigfoot and wildman sightings in North and Central America and appeared on the Learning Channel's "Ultimate Ten Mysteries," commenting on cryptozoological phenomena . He has a strong interest in mass hysterias and urban legends and has written about such topics for Fortean Times and the Southern Medical Journal, among others.
Terry is a born-again skeptic, having once been a true believer in the supernatural and New Age ideas. She began to question paranormal claims after accidentally picking up a copy Skeptical Inquirer Magazine and discovering the very simple, scientific reason that we can walk on hot coals without being burned. Terry graduated from California State University Northridge with a degree in philosophy. She is currently the office manager and Director of Internet Services at the Center for Inquiry-West in Hollywood where she is responsible for a number of CFI-affiliated web sites.
Kevin Christopher is Public Relations Director of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) and its official publication, Skeptical Inquirer magazine, as well as editor of the Skeptical Briefs newsletter. He earned his bachelor degrees in Classics and Linguistics at the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1992. Kevin is also web site creator of the Skeptiseum, Skeptical Inquirer index, and the Hoax Watch site.
James Underdown is the Executive Director of the Center for Inquiry-West in Los Angeles. James has written for Skeptical Inquirer and Free Inquiry mgazines. He also leads the Independent Investigations Group, an organization of individuals that conducts investigations into paranormal and extraordinary claims in the Western United States. James has also spent a great deal of time promoting science and rationalism through television and radio appearences, as well as giving talks to schools, libraries, and other institutions.