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Fess up! You've got anti-skeptical skeletons in your closet, don't you?

Here's a chance to PURGE YOURSELF!

Skeptics of the paranormal haven't always been skeptical. In fact, a great many of us have at one time or another believed in one or more "weird things." We may have fallen prey to a fancy sales pitch that people use to make their ideas sound a lot better than they really are, or, before we started questioning many of the claims and phenomena touted as paranormal, we may have simply accepted them as true or, at least, believable.

No need to be embarrassed about it!

In fact, recalling such memories can be a lot of fun and they no doubt served as a learning experience that influenced your current skeptical position in some way. Why not share your memories and experiences with others so that they, too, can learn and enjoy the stories you have to tell? No sense hiding them in a closet!

Send in your anti-skeptical skeletons and we will collect them here in a virtual closet with doors wide open!

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