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Superstition Bash

The Superstition Bash is a popular activity for skeptics. To access CSICOP information and resources for this event, please visit the Superstition Bash web site.

Darwin Day

Darwin Day is held on or around February 12, each year. To learn more about Darwin Day and to access information and resources for your own event, please visit the Darwin Day Program web site.

Reality Revival

Held as a New Year celebration, the Reality Revival provides a fun and enjoyable event to coordinate on campus. To read more about this activity, please see the resources available on the Young Skeptics site.

April Fools

For ideas and resources on how an event or activity can be planned for April Fools Day, please visit the Young Skeptics event pages.

Halloween Party

Halloween is a favorite holiday for skeptics and provides several opportunities for fun and learning. CSICOP is presently working on a Halloween site but in the meantime, you can access ideas and resources on the Young Skeptics event pages.


More Ideas for Events & Activities? Let us know!

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