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Group Development & Online Manual

The Students for Science & Reason online manual and group development resources are being developed by the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) to assist students in organizing science clubs and skeptic groups on their college, university and high school campuses. Older and well-established groups may also find new ideas and be interested in sharing their own strategies for group formation and development. Resources should be modified according to local conditions, group structures and membership needs. We hope to produce a printed edition of a group development manual within the next few years and ask readers to send suggested alterations and/or additions to CSICOP Headquarters via e-mail or through postal mail at their earliest convenience.

Educational Resource Area
The Educational Resource Area (ERA) houses a variety of educational materials including college and university syllabi, elementary and secondary school lesson plans and educators' guides, teacher and student resources, and much more. We are also collecting resources for home-school teachers, family members and students interested in independent study. All resources are evaluated based on quality, focus and age level with the help of educational professionals from around the world. Students for Science & Reason members are invited to help in the collection and creation of educational resources for teachers and students of all age levels.
CSICOP Library & Research Center
The CSICOP online library acts as a research center for students, educators and other individuals interested in learning what resources are available on topics that fall within the paranormal and pseudoscience realms and the many other subjects explored by skeptics. Skeptical and objective resources are the main focus but we have also included a sample of pro-paranormal resources to provide site visitors with a comprehensive set of materials with which to conduct their research. Resources highlighted in the Library include articles from Skeptical Inquirer magazine and Skeptical Briefs newsletter, exhibits from the Skeptiseum, other resources on the Young Skeptics site such as educational materials and activities, other skeptical resources that can be found on the Internet, the resources compiled by skeptic groups and individuals across the world, reading lists, videos and websites, reference material and pro-paranormal articles, links, books and anything else we happen to find that may be useful for skeptical research! Students for Science & Reason members are encouraged to help with the compilation of resources for the library.
Skeptical Inquirer Index
For a fast-growing number of discriminating persons, the Skeptical Inquirer is a welcome breath of fresh air, separating fact from myth in the flood of occultism and pseudoscience on the scene today. This dynamic magazine, published by the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), tells you what the scientific community knows about claims of the paranormal, as opposed to the sensationalism often presented by the press, television, and movies. The Index provides a list of the articles that have appeared in Skeptical Inquirer during the past twenty-five years, with articles indexed by subject, date and author.
Klass' UFO Files

Philip J. Klass is a world-renowned skeptical investigator and for many years has been producing a newsletter detailing his research and findings in ufology. The site has archived back issues of the newsletter, thereby providing a comprehensive resource for interested visitors. Here you will find detailed notes and investigative reports on the many topics to do with UFOs and aliens. Students, parents and educators may find the collection of resources useful for research projects and other activity.

Center for Inquiry Libraries

The CFI Libraries is home to the John and Mary Frantz Skeptic's Library - containing materials on skepticism, science, the paranormal (spiritualism, cryptozoology, UFOs, etc.), alternative medicine and philosophy. The Frantz Library also includes a few artifacts, including quack medical devices, tarot cards, crystals, runes and other similar items. The CFI Libraries contain four larger collections as well as a periodical collection, a rare book collection, an archive, a reference collection, and a general collection. Microforms/microfilm, newsletters, audio/visual materials and electronic files are also available. The CFI Libraries house approximately 32,000 books, roughly 20,000 issues of periodicals and a large assortment of personal papers from various donors including Paul Kurtz, Patrick Romanell and the papers of Thornton Page.

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