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An extraterrestrial object or entity exists or comes from beyond the earth. The term is usually applied to beings and is synonymous with the common use of the word alien to describe such beings. The term became especially popular after Steven Spielberg's blockbuster movie, E.T. (the short form of extraterrestrial.)
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Magnetic Therapy: Plausible Attraction?
Evaluating a Half-Century of Bigfoot Evidence
Biomagnetic Pseudoscience and Nonsense Claims
Massive Uncritical Publicity for Supposed `Independent UFO Investigation' Demonstrates Media Gullibility Once Again
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ET, You've Got Mail
The Star of Bethlehem
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being Psychic book review


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The Roswell Legacy
An Alien Taxonomy
Psychics and Missing Children in Belgium
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Anomalies: The Alma and Yeti – Wild Men of Asia
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Archaeology: From the Teeth of the Dragon – Gigantopithecus blacki
Polar Images: Atmospheric Phenomena
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Anomalies: The Alma and Yeti: Wildmen of Asia
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TIME Magazine: Scientology
James Oberg: The Failure of the Science of UFOlogy
NESS Encyclopedia: Magnet Therapy
NESS Encyclopedia: UFOs and Alien Phenomena
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Skeptic's Dictionary: Determinism
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Skeptic's Dictionary: Magnet Therapy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Metaphysics
Skeptic's Dictionary: Metempsychosis
Skeptic's Dictionary: Metoposcopy
Skeptic's Dictionary: New Age Therapies
Skeptic's Dictionary: Psychic Detectives
Skeptic's Dictionary: Psychometry
Skeptic's Dictionary: Retroactive Clairvoyance
Skeptic's Dictionary: Retrocognition
Skeptic's Dictionary: Retrospective Falsification
Super 70s: Pet Rock
Skeptic Bibliography: Cryptozoology
Ben Roesch: Taking a Hard Look at Cryptozoology
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International Society of Cryptozoology: Cryptozoology
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Annapolis Valley Skeptic: FDA Finalizes Rules for Claims on Dietary Supplements
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Marshall Brain: How Time Travel Will Work
ExploreZone: Asteroid Hunters Downgrade Overall Threat to Earth
Museum of Hoaxes: Redheffer's Perpetual Motion Machine
ParaScope: ETs Face to Face
sci.skeptic FAQ: Perpetual Machines
The Straight Dope: Do Copper Bracelets Ease Pain?
PHACTUM: Time Travel
Marshall Brain: What is a Gene and What is Genetic Engineering?
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Tampa Bay Skeptics: Snippets
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Closer To Truth: Will Gene Therapy Change the Human Race?
Closer To Truth: Can We Imagine the Far Future?
The Edge: Why Can't You Go Faster than Light?
The Edge: Time in Quantum Cosmology
Annapolis Valley Skeptics: Police Psychics
Marshall Brain: How Big Does a Meteor Have to be to Make it to the Ground?
All Things Cryptozoological: Links
The Cryptozoologist: Cryptozoology
National Post: Anorexia researcher delivers the usual spin
Lowry Brothers: Nutrasweet Myths
Pro-Paranormal Online Resources
Anomalies:The Alma and Yeti: Known Reports in Chronological Order
A. Ol'khovatov:Geophysical Meteors
The Legend of the Yeti:Yeti
Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center:Bigfoot
OtherPlane:Extraterrestrial FAQ
Museum of Unnatural Mystery:Yeti
OtherPlane:Abominable Snowman / Yeti
Paranormal News:Articles on UFOs & Alien Phenomena
Paranormal News:Mars
Paranormal News:How to Contact Space Intelligences

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