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The idea of disembodied souls or spirits of the dead is perhaps one of the oldest, strongest and pervasive beliefs in human history. A ghost is the often faint, sometimes transparent, vision of the bodily likeness of a human (or animal). Ghosts called apparitions are usually passive and do not interact with the observer. They are reported to be seen doing the same activity repeatedly in a certain location. Noisy or active ghosts are known as poltergeists and exhibit more of a playful nature. Over the centuries, descriptions of ghosts and their relationship to the living have changed somewhat, depending on the culture.
There have been and continue to be some scientific-based inquiry into the existence of ghosts, though most are done by enthusiasts, not trained scientists. These investigations consist of attempting to obtain documentation on film or audio tape, photographs, and use of various metering equipment to measure electrical, magnetic and temperature changes. With this equipment, paranormal researchers try to detect shadowy figures, orbs of light, cold patches in a room or unknown voices as evidence of ghosts. However, investigations rely heavily on unsubstantiated eyewitness reports of experiences and often fail to obtain documentation of paranormal activity. Parapsychologists now believe that ghosts might be manifestations of some remnant energy left after death, possibly recorded in some way by the surroundings. There is currently no evidence widely accepted by science to suggest the physical reality of ghosts. But, there are many paranormal investigators who keep trying.
- Sharon Hill (Scientist)
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