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In historic and modern times, there exist many strange reports of lights apparently unrelated to meteors, lightning or other common or obvious sources. There are different types of anomalous light phenomena -- glows, balls or flashes -- that are reported on land and even under water. Fast moving or flashing lights in the sky, often labeled UFOs, could actually be aircraft, satellites, light reflections, refraction or electrical activity. Spook lights (ghost lights) are described as playful orbs that disappear and reappear. Often associated with a specific location, the place is usually promoted as a tourist attraction. Several explanations may account for these events including reflection of distant car lights or optical illusions perhaps under specific atmospheric conditions. Earthquakes lights and ball lightning phenomena are both fairly well-documented but they are rare, unpredictable and their mechanisms are still not understood by scientists. Floating orbs or streaks caught on film are reported to represent spirit energy and psychic lights are supposedly manifestations of the human mind. There is no good scientific evidence for these claims. (See also Earthquakes, Ball Lightning)
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