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The harsh environment of the Himalayan mountains of northern India, Nepal and Tibet is the alleged home range of the Yeti, a hairy biped (walks on two legs) equivalent to the North American Bigfoot. Yetis, however, vary in description of size, color and features from small ape-like animals to hairy giants labeled “Abominable Snowmen”. The “hairy man of the snows” is part of the native Sherpa folklore. Visiting explorers have reported sightings and footprints of living creatures. Cryptozoologists propose that the Yeti, just like Bigfoot and other “ape man” creatures, are living specimens of Gigantopithecus, a prehistoric ape. However, there is no evidence that Gigantopithecus lived later than about 400,000 years ago. It’s more likely that sightings of the Yeti are mistaken identifications. Until solid evidence of the legendary creature is found, the Yeti will remain a cryptozoological mystery. (See also entries for Abominable Snowman and Yeti Scalps)
- Sharon Hill (Scientist)
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