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An entity said to exist in the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland and who casts spells on the mountaineers that travel through the winter mists.
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Magnetic Therapy: Plausible Attraction?
Evaluating a Half-Century of Bigfoot Evidence
Are Science and Religion Compatible?
Clear Thinking and the Forces of Unreason
The Gullibility of Conan Doyle
A University's Struggle With Chiropractic
Snaring the Fowler: Mark Twain Debunks Phrenology
Rise and Development of Paranormal Beliefs in Eastern Europe
Voodoo in New Orleans


Skeptical Briefs Online Articles
The Emperor's New Designer Clothes
Midnight Adventure in a Graveyard
A History of State UFO Research in the USSR
Remotely Viewed? The Charlie Jordan Case
Aliens are from Mars, Solved Mysteries from Venus
Come Waste Some Time in the Looniverse!
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Skeptics Society: Spirits, Witches & Science
NESS : The Prey of Cults
Tales From the Fort - The Charles Fort Files: Weird Rains
Tales From the Fort - The Charles Fort Files: Falls of Animals
Dinosauria On-line: Dinosauria On-line
The Dinosauricon: The Dinosauricon
Dino Russ’s Lair : Dinosaur and Vertebrate Paleontology Information
U.S. Geological Survey : Dinosaurs: Fact and Fiction
Glen Kuban Homepage: The Paluxy Dinosaur Man Track Controversy
Dinosaur Mailing List: So You Want to be a Paleontologist?
The Museum of Unnatural Mystery: Dinosaur Safari
Enchanted Learning: Zoom Dinosaurs
University of California, Berkeley: The Dinosauria
Talk Origins Archive: On the Heels of Dinosaurs
Encyclopedia Britannica: Discovering Dinosaurs
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: Dinosaur Exhibits
About.com: Dinosaurs
Emory University: Dinosaurs Trace Fossils
Cryptozoological Realms: Mokele Mbembe
Strange Magazine: Red Rain
The Anomalist: Super Sargasso Surfin’
Herper.com: Zoological Mythology and Cryptozoology E-books
Legend of Nessie: The Nessie Hunters
Monster Hunters: Dr. Robert Rines, Esq., Veteran Monster Hunter
Academy of Applied Sciences: Research at Loch Ness
MIT Spectrum: Into the Unknown – Unraveling the Mystery of Loch Ness
Nessa Project: Interview with Robert Rines September 2000
Omni Magazine: The Antimatter Archives
Strange Magazine: Nessie - The Searchers
Blonder’s View: Science at Loch Ness
CBS: 60 Minutes : Monster Hunter
The Guardian Unlimited (UK): Is Nessie Dead?
Bigfoot Internet Library: Bigfoot Internet Library
SEDS: Students for the Exploration and Discovery of Space - Moon
NASA: Moon Fact Sheet
Views of the Solar System: The Great Moon Hoax
Bad Astronomy: Fox TV and the Apollo Moon Hoax
Red Zero: Moon Hoax
Serendip: Full Moon Madness: The Search for a Relationship between the Mind and Lunar Cycles
Neuroscience for Kids: Moonstruck! Does The Full Moon Influence Behavior?
Museum of Questionable Medical Devices: Home
The Straight Dope: Why are there two high tides a day when the moon is only overhead once a day?
The Straight Dope: Do Things Get Crazy When the Moon is Full
The Straight Dope: Why does the moon appear bigger near the horizon?
The Straight Dope: Why does the same side of the moon always face the earth?
The Straight Dope: Was the Apollo moon landing a hoax?
The Learning Channel: El Chupacabra
Tito Armstrong Homepage: The Chupacabra Home Page
Discovery Channel: Scientists Claim Yeti DNA Evidence
Shadowlands: Bigfoot
Yeti Information Page: Yeti Information
Ohio Bigfoot Research and Study Group: O.B.R.S.G.
BFRO: Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
The Bigfoot Museum: Bigfoot Museum
Fate Magazine: Eastern Bigfoot – Of Momo and Marked Homonids
About.com: Urban Legends and Folklore
Scambusters: Internet Scambusters
Science Frontiers Online: Sourcebook Project
Fortean Times: Fortean Times Online
Strange Magazine: Strange Magazine Online
Fate: Fate magazine online
Fortean Picture Library: Fortean Picture Library
INFO: International Fortean Organization
Charles Fort Institute: Charles Fort Institute
Farshores: The Fort Dimension
Fort Files: Tales From the Fort
Mr X, Consulting Resologist : The Fortean Web Site of Mr. X
Mr X, Consulting Resologist : Book of the Damned by Charles Fort (etext)
Mr X, Consulting Resologist : New Lands by Charles Fort (etext)
Mr X, Consulting Resologist : Lo! by Charles Fort (etext)
Mr X, Consulting Resologist : Wild Talents by Charles Fort (etext)
The Anomalist: The Anomalist Newsline
Cryptozoology: Sasquatch
Marshall Brain: How Bigfoot Might Work
Loren Coleman - Cryptozoologist: New Light on Bigfoot – A Legendary Hoax
Ben Roesch: Hairy Hominid Archives
Bigfoot: Fact or Fantasy?: Bigfoot: Fact or Fantasy?
Pib Burns' Cryptozoology: Bigfoot Links
Anomalies: The Alma and Yeti – Wild Men of Asia
Strange Magazine: The Makeup Man and the Monster
Strange Magazine: Some Thoughts About the Patterson Bigfoot Film on Its 30th Anniversary
Nepal Bazaar: Mysterious Yeti
British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club: Alma
British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club: The Yeti
Museum of Unnatural Mystery: The “Wild Man” of Central Asia
Museum of Unnatural Mystery: Gigantopithecus
Museum of Unnatural Mystery: Bigfoot of North America
Archaeology: From the Teeth of the Dragon – Gigantopithecus blacki
Yowie Hunters: Australian Yowie Research
Tym the Yowie Man: Tym the Yowie Man homepage
The Florida Skunk Ape: Florida Skunk Ape Home Page
The Cryptozoologist: The Myakka "Skunk Ape" Photographs
i.-S.C.O.P.E: Official Skunk Ape Tracking Page
Naples Daily News: Special Report: Skunk Ape Coverage
Jeff Rense: Understanding The Australian Bigfoot Or "Yowie" Phenomenon
The Exploratorium: Auroras: Paintings in the Sky
USA Today: Resources: Sky Color, Phenomena
Sharon Curtis: Meteorological Phenomena
Charles Sturt University School of Science and Tec: Halos, sundogs & tangential-arcs over the Riverina
Weather Photography: Clouds Photography
Polar Images: Atmospheric Phenomena
Donald Simanek: The Great Cardiff Giant
Fortean Times: Satan in Suburbia
Fortean Times: A Church Out of Time
Strange Magazine: Time Travel
Strange Magazine: The Art of Honest Deception
Strange Magazine: The Mystery of Chance
Strange Magazine: Invaders from Elsewhere
Strange Magazine: UFOs on TV
Jerry Wilson: The History and Customs of Halloween
American Folklore: American Folklore
Stephen Jay Gould collection: The Piltdown Conspiracy
Talk Origins Archive: The Texas Dinosaur / Man Track Controversy
Glen Kuban website: Dinosaur Valley State Park, Glen Rose, Texas
Youdebate.com: Dinosaurs and Human Footprints Side by Side Debate and Poll
Prof. Chuck Holliday's at Lafayette College: Jackalope Fans, Take Note
Douglas (WY) Chamber of Commerce: The Lowdown on Jackalopes
Doug Linder: Famous Trials in American History: Tennessee vs John Scopes
Borndigital: The Scopes "Monkey Trial"
Court TV: The Greatest Trials of All Time - The Scopes Monkey Trial
Byran College: W.J. Bryan and the Scopes Trial
Ohio State Univ Dept of History: The Scopes Trial
National Humanities Center: The 20th Century - The Scopes Trial
Dog-Daze Training: Clever Hans: A Scientific Warning
Thoemmes Press: Classics in Psychology: Oskar Pfungst, Clever Hans
Iridescent Publishing: The Unlearnt Lesson of Clever Hans
KBR Horse Net: How Horses Learn
Click and Treat Training: Clever Hans: A Horse's Tale
Anomalies: The Alma and Yeti: Wildmen of Asia
Anomalies: Cryptozoology
Turkey UFO & Paranormal Events Research Organizati: Project ALP
CBS News: Disaster Links
The Skeptic Report: UFOs
Skeptic Dictionary : Morphic Resonance
Parascope: Stare Struck
Rupert Sheldrake Online: Biography
About.com: What you Need to Know About Dowsing
Ghosts.org : Obiwans UFO-free Paranormal Page
Castle of Spirits : Amityville Horror: True or Hoax?
Blather: Sargasso Sea Stuff
The Straight Dope: What's the story on trepanation?
Southworth Planetarium : TUNGUSKA: The Cosmic Mystery of the Century
Space Daily : New Hypothesis Of The Tunguska Explosion
Andrei Ol'khovatov : Home Page
Marshall Brain: How Do Mood Rings Work?
Debunker's Domain: UFOs
Marshall Brain: What is dj vu?
Debunker's Domain: Heaven's Gate Recruiting Poster
Debunker's Domain: The Sirius Mystery
Debunker's Domain: Travis Walton Abduction Story
Debunker's Domain: Refuting the Most Common Feminist Lies & Pseudo-Scholarship
Debunker's Domain: Refuting the Favorite Nonsense of the Right-Wing
The REALL News: The Saucer Error
Wesley R. Elsberry: Scientific Creationism
Harvard University: Evolution
TIME Magazine: Scientology
James Oberg: Tunguska Echoes
James Oberg: The Failure of the Science of UFOlogy
Healthcare Reality Check: Allopathy
Healthcare Reality Check: Alternative Medicine, Paranormal Healing & Related Methods
Healthcare Reality Check: Why People Believe Quackery
ChiroBase: A Skeptical Guide to Chiropractic History, Theories & Current Practices
Annapolis Valley Skeptics: The Bible Code
Annapolis Valley Skeptics: A Brief History of Friday the 13th
NOVA: Dances with Bees
NESS Encyclopedia: Alternative Medicine
NESS Encyclopedia: Acupuncture
NESS Encyclopedia: Allopathy
NESS Encyclopedia: Applied Kinesiology
NESS Encyclopedia: Aromatherapy
NESS Encyclopedia: Bee Venom Therapy
NESS Encyclopedia: Blue-Green Algae
NESS Encyclopedia: Chelation Therapy
NESS Encyclopedia: Chi Kung
NESS Encyclopedia: Chiropractic
NESS Encyclopedia: Facilitated Communication
NESS Encyclopedia: Herbalism
NESS Encyclopedia: Homeopathy
NESS Encyclopedia: Magnet Therapy
NESS Encyclopedia: Noni Fruit Juice
NESS Encyclopedia: Patterning
NESS Encyclopedia: Phrenology
NESS Encyclopedia: Therapeutic Touch
NESS Encyclopedia: Piltdown Man
NESS Encyclopedia: Atlantis
NESS Encyclopedia: Elves
NESS Encyclopedia: Loch Ness Monster
NESS Encyclopedia: Vampires
NESS Encyclopedia: Exorcism
NESS Encyclopedia: Ghosts
NESS Encyclopedia: Nostradamus
NESS Encyclopedia: Shroud of Turin
NESS Encyclopedia: Dowsing
NESS Encyclopedia: Firewalking
NESS Encyclopedia: UFOs and Alien Phenomena
NESS Encyclopedia: Cattle Mutilations
NESS Encyclopedia: Crop Circles
NESS Encyclopedia: Face on Mars
NESS Encyclopedia: Ships of the Pleiades
NESS Encyclopedia: Mechanisms of Deception
NESS Encyclopedia: Barnum Effect
NESS Encyclopedia: Coincidence
NESS Encyclopedia: Cold Reading
NESS Encyclopedia: Communal Reinforcement
NESS Encyclopedia: Confabulation
Skeptic's Dictionary: Abracadabra
NESS Encyclopedia: Conspiracy Theory
NESS Encyclopedia: Fantasy Prone Personality
NESS Encyclopedia: Logical Fallacies
NESS Encyclopedia: Mass Delusion
NESS Encyclopedia: Memory
NESS Encyclopedia: Pareidolia
Skeptic's Dictionary: Acupuncture
NESS Encyclopedia: Photographic Fallacies
NESS Encyclopedia: Placebo Effect
NESS Encyclopedia: Post hoc Fallacy
NESS Encyclopedia: Subjective Validation
NESS Encyclopedia: Optional Starting and Stopping
NESS Encyclopedia: Pseudosciences & Belief Systems
NESS Encyclopedia: Argument from Design
NESS Encyclopedia: Cults
NESS Encyclopedia: Holocaust Denial
NESS Encyclopedia: Illuminati
NESS Encyclopedia: IQ and Race
NESS Encyclopedia: Kirlian Photography
NESS Encyclopedia: Lysenkoism
NESS Encyclopedia: Pyramidology
NESS Encyclopedia: Spontaneous Human Combustion
NESS Encyclopedia: Demarcation Problem
NESS Encyclopedia: Empiricism
NESS Encyclopedia: Essentialists and Nominalists
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ad hoc Hypothesis
NESS Encyclopedia: Materialism
NESS Encyclopedia: Naturalism
NESS Encyclopedia: Paradigm
NESS Encyclopedia: Positivism
NESS Encyclopedia: Postmodernism
Xnet: Pink Floyd & 2001
NESS Encyclopedia: Penile Plethysmography
NESS Encyclopedia: Randi Psychic Challenge
NESS Encyclopedia: Ramtha
Skeptic's Dictionary: Afrocentrism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Agnosticism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Akashic Record
Skeptic's Dictionary: Alchemy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Alien Abductions
Skeptic's Dictionary: Allopathy
The Shadowlands: The Jersey Devil
Skeptic's Dictionary: Alphabiotics
Skeptic's Dictionary: Alpha Waves
Skeptic's Dictionary: Altered States of Consciousness
SciFiDimensions: Powers of the Mind
SciFiDimensions: Miracles
SciFiDimensions: Cryptozoology
Perspectives: Three Types of dj vu
TIME Magazine: Been There, Done That
James Oberg: The Black Box Approach to UFO (Mis)Perceptions
Annals of Improbable Research: The Taxonomy of Barney
The Skeptic Report: Psychics
The Skeptic Report: Monsters
The Skeptic Report: Conspiracies
Skeptic's Dictionary: Therapeutic Touch
James Oberg: Case Studies in Pilot Misperceptions of UFOs
Skeptic's Dictionary: Thought Field Therapy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Thoughtography
Skeptic's Dictionary: Tomato Effect
Skeptic's Dictionary: Trance Writing
Skeptic's Dictionary: Transcendental Meditation
Skeptic's Dictionary: Transubstantiation
Skeptic's Dictionary: Trepanation
Skeptic's Dictionary: Alternative Health Practices
Skeptic's Dictionary: Amulets
Skeptic's Dictionary: Amway
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ancient Astronauts
Skeptic's Dictionary: Angels
Skeptic's Dictionary: Angel Therapy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Cerebral Anoxia
Skeptic's Dictionary: Anomalous Cognition
Skeptic's Dictionary: Anomalous Perturbation
Skeptic's Dictionary: Anomaly
Skeptic's Dictionary: Anthropometry
Skeptic's Dictionary: Anthroposophy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Apophenia
Skeptic's Dictionary: Appeal to Authority
Skeptic's Dictionary: Applied Kinesiology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Apport
Skeptic's Dictionary: Area 51
Skeptic's Dictionary: Argument from Design
Skeptic's Dictionary: Argument from Ignorance
Skeptic's Dictionary: Aromatherapy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Astral Body
Skeptic's Dictionary: Astral Projection
Skeptic's Dictionary: Astrology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Astrotherapy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Atheism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Atlantis
Skeptic's Dictionary: Auras
Skeptic's Dictionary: Aura Therapy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Automatic Writing
Skeptic's Dictionary: Avatar
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ayurvedic Medicine
Skeptic's Dictionary: Aztec UFO Hoax
Skeptic's Dictionary: Bach's Flower Therapy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Backward Messages
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ball Lightning
Skeptic's Dictionary: Begging the Question
Skeptic's Dictionary: Bible Code
Skeptic's Dictionary: Bigfoot
Skeptic's Dictionary: Bio-Ching
Skeptic's Dictionary: Bioharmonics
Skeptic's Dictionary: Biorhythms
Skeptic's Dictionary: Blondlot, Rene
Skeptic's Dictionary: Blue Sense
Skeptic's Dictionary: Bunyips
Skeptic's Dictionary: Cardiff Giant
Skeptic's Dictionary: Carlos Hoax
Skeptic's Dictionary: Cartomancy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Castaneda, Carlos
Skeptic's Dictionary: Cattle Mutilations
Skeptic's Dictionary: Cayce, Edgar
Skeptic's Dictionary: Celestine Prophecy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Cellular Memory
Skeptic's Dictionary: Chakras
Skeptic's Dictionary: Channeling
Skeptic's Dictionary: Charms
Skeptic's Dictionary: Chelation Therapy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Chi
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ch'i Kung
Skeptic's Dictionary: Chiropractic
Skeptic's Dictionary: Chupacabras
Skeptic's Dictionary: Clairaudience
Skeptic's Dictionary: Clairvoyance
Skeptic's Dictionary: Clustering Illusion
Skeptic's Dictionary: Codependency
Skeptic's Dictionary: Cold Reading
Skeptic's Dictionary: Collective Hallucinations
Skeptic's Dictionary: Collective Unconscious
Skeptic's Dictionary: Communal Reinforcement
Skeptic's Dictionary: Confabulation
Skeptic's Dictionary: Confirmation Bias
Skeptic's Dictionary: Conjuring
Skeptic's Dictionary: Conspiracy Theorists
Skeptic's Dictionary: Cosmobiology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Cosmology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Course in Miracles
Skeptic's Dictionary: Craniometry
Skeptic's Dictionary: Craniosacral Therapy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Creationism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Crop Circles
Skeptic's Dictionary: Crowley, Aleister
Skeptic's Dictionary: Cryptomnesia
Skeptic's Dictionary: Cryptozoology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Crystal Power
Skeptic's Dictionary: Crystal Skulls
Skeptic's Dictionary: Cults
Skeptic's Dictionary: Curse
Skeptic's Dictionary: dj vu
Skeptic's Dictionary: Deport
Skeptic's Dictionary: Dermo-Optical Perception
Skeptic's Dictionary: Determinism
Skeptic's Dictionary: DHEA
Skeptic's Dictionary: Divine Fallacy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Dixon, Jeane
Skeptic's Dictionary: Dogon and Sirius II
Skeptic's Dictionary: Double-Blind Test
Skeptic's Dictionary: Dowsing
Skeptic's Dictionary: Dreams
Skeptic's Dictionary: Druids
Skeptic's Dictionary: Dualism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ear Candling
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ectoplasm
Skeptic's Dictionary: Extraordinary Human Function
Skeptic's Dictionary: Electromagnetic Fields
Skeptic's Dictionary: Electronic Voice Phenomenon
Skeptic's Dictionary: Empiricism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Enneagram
Skeptic's Dictionary: E-rays
Skeptic's Dictionary: Extrasensory Perception
Skeptic's Dictionary: est
Skeptic's Dictionary: Evil Eye
Skeptic's Dictionary: Evolutionary Psychology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Exorcism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Extraterrestrials
Skeptic's Dictionary: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
Skeptic's Dictionary: Face on Mars
Skeptic's Dictionary: Facilitated Communication
Skeptic's Dictionary: Fairies
Skeptic's Dictionary: Faith
Skeptic's Dictionary: False Memories
Skeptic's Dictionary: Falun Gong
Skeptic's Dictionary: Feng Shui
Skeptic's Dictionary: Fetishes
Skeptic's Dictionary: Firewalking
Skeptic's Dictionary: Flying Saucers
Skeptic's Dictionary: Forer Effect
Skeptic's Dictionary: Fortune Telling
Skeptic's Dictionary: Fortean
Skeptic's Dictionary: Freemasons
Skeptic's Dictionary: Free Will
Skeptic's Dictionary: Fritz, Dr.
Skeptic's Dictionary: Gambler's Fallacy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ganzfeld Experiment
Skeptic's Dictionary: Geller, Uri
Skeptic's Dictionary: Geomancy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ghosts
Skeptic's Dictionary: Glossolalia
Skeptic's Dictionary: God
Skeptic's Dictionary: Graphology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Gurdjieff, G.I.
Skeptic's Dictionary: Haunted Houses
Skeptic's Dictionary: Herbal Fuel
Skeptic's Dictionary: d'Holbach, Baron
Skeptic's Dictionary: Holistic Medicine
Skeptic's Dictionary: Hollow Earth
Skeptic's Dictionary: Homeopathy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Houston, Jean
Skeptic's Dictionary: Hubbard, L. Ron
Skeptic's Dictionary: Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon
Skeptic's Dictionary: Hypnosis
Skeptic's Dictionary: Hystero-Epilepsy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ica Stones
Skeptic's Dictionary: I Ching
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ideomotor Effect
Skeptic's Dictionary: Incantation
Skeptic's Dictionary: Incorruptible Bodies
Skeptic's Dictionary: Indian Rope Trick
Skeptic's Dictionary: Indigo Children
Skeptic's Dictionary: Inedia
Skeptic's Dictionary: Inset Fuel Stabilizer
Skeptic's Dictionary: Intelligent Design
Skeptic's Dictionary: Intuitives
Skeptic's Dictionary: Invocation
Skeptic's Dictionary: IQ & Race
Skeptic's Dictionary: Iridology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Jamais Vu
Skeptic's Dictionary: Januarius
Skeptic's Dictionary: Joy Touch
Skeptic's Dictionary: Kabalah
Skeptic's Dictionary: Kabbalarian Philosophy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Karma
Skeptic's Dictionary: Kirlian Photography
Skeptic's Dictionary: Koro
Skeptic's Dictionary: Landmark Forum
Skeptic's Dictionary: Large Group Awareness Training
Skeptic's Dictionary: Law of Truly Large Numbers
Skeptic's Dictionary: Levitation
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ley Lines
Skeptic's Dictionary: Loch Ness Monster
Skeptic's Dictionary: Lucid Dreaming
Skeptic's Dictionary: Lycanthropy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Lysenkoism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Macrobiotics
Skeptic's Dictionary: Magick
Skeptic's Dictionary: Magnet Therapy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Mahasamahdi
Skeptic's Dictionary: St. Malachy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Manifesting
Skeptic's Dictionary: Marfa Lights
Skeptic's Dictionary: Mars Effect
Skeptic's Dictionary: Massage Therapy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Materialism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Medium
Skeptic's Dictionary: Memory
Skeptic's Dictionary: Men in Black
Skeptic's Dictionary: Mentalist
Skeptic's Dictionary: Mesmerism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Metaphysics
Skeptic's Dictionary: Metempsychosis
Skeptic's Dictionary: Metoposcopy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Millennium
Skeptic's Dictionary: Mind
Skeptic's Dictionary: Mind Control
Skeptic's Dictionary: Mineral Doctor
Skeptic's Dictionary: Miracles
Skeptic's Dictionary: Mokele Mbembe
Skeptic's Dictionary: Moody, Raymond
Skeptic's Dictionary: Full Moon
Skeptic's Dictionary: Morphic Resonance
Skeptic's Dictionary: Mozart Effect
Skeptic's Dictionary: Multi-Frequency Detectors
Skeptic's Dictionary: Multi-Level Marketing
Skeptic's Dictionary: Multi-Level Marketing Harassment
Skeptic's Dictionary: Multiple Personality Disorder
Skeptic's Dictionary: Murphy, Bridey
Skeptic's Dictionary: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Skeptic's Dictionary: Natural
Skeptic's Dictionary: Naturalism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Naturopathy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Nazca Lines
Skeptic's Dictionary: Holocaust Denial
Skeptic's Dictionary: Near Death Experiences
Skeptic's Dictionary: Neurolinguistic Programming
Skeptic's Dictionary: New Age Therapies
Skeptic's Dictionary: Noah's Ark
Skeptic's Dictionary: Nostradamus
Skeptic's Dictionary: Numerology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Occam's Razor
Skeptic's Dictionary: Occultism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Occult Statistics
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ontology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Optional Starting and Stopping
Skeptic's Dictionary: Orgone Energy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ouija Board
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ouspensky, Petyr Demianovich
Skeptic's Dictionary: Out of Body Experience
Skeptic's Dictionary: Pagans
Skeptic's Dictionary: Palmistry
Skeptic's Dictionary: Pantheism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Paradigm
Skeptic's Dictionary: Paranormal
Skeptic's Dictionary: Parapsychology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Paraskevidekatriaphobia
Skeptic's Dictionary: Paratrinket
Skeptic's Dictionary: Pareidolia
Skeptic's Dictionary: Past Life Regression
Skeptic's Dictionary: Penile Plethysmograph
Skeptic's Dictionary: Pentagram
Skeptic's Dictionary: Personology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Philadelphia Experiment
Skeptic's Dictionary: Philosopher's Stone
Skeptic's Dictionary: Phrenology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Physiognomy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Piltdown Hoax
Skeptic's Dictionary: Placebo Effect
Skeptic's Dictionary: Plant Perception
Skeptic's Dictionary: Pleiadians
Skeptic's Dictionary: Polygraph
Skeptic's Dictionary: Positivism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Post hoc Fallacy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Pragmatic Fallacy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Prana
Skeptic's Dictionary: Precognition
Skeptic's Dictionary: Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR)
Skeptic's Dictionary: Prophecy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Protocols of the Elders of Zion
Skeptic's Dictionary: Pseudohistory
Skeptic's Dictionary: Pseudoscience
Skeptic's Dictionary: Psi
Skeptic's Dictionary: Psi-Missing
Skeptic's Dictionary: Psychic
Skeptic's Dictionary: Psychic Detectives
Skeptic's Dictionary: Psychic Surgery
Skeptic's Dictionary: Psychoanalysis
Skeptic's Dictionary: Psychology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Psychometry
Skeptic's Dictionary: Pyramidiocy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Pyramid Schemes
Skeptic's Dictionary: Quadro Tracker
Skeptic's Dictionary: Rael and the Raelians
Skeptic's Dictionary: Rama
Skeptic's Dictionary: Ramtha
Skeptic's Dictionary: Randi Psychic Challenge
Skeptic's Dictionary: Reflexology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Regressive Fallacy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Reiki
Skeptic's Dictionary: Reincarnation
Skeptic's Dictionary: Remote Viewing
Skeptic's Dictionary: Repressed Memory
Skeptic's Dictionary: Repressed Memory Therapy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Retroactive Clairvoyance
Skeptic's Dictionary: Retrocognition
Skeptic's Dictionary: Retrospective Falsification
Skeptic's Dictionary: Reverse Speech
Skeptic's Dictionary: Rods
Skeptic's Dictionary: Rolfing
Skeptic's Dictionary: Rorschach Ink Blot Test
Skeptic's Dictionary: Roswell
Skeptic's Dictionary: Runes
Skeptic's Dictionary: Sai Baba
Skeptic's Dictionary: Saint
Skeptic's Dictionary: Santa Claus
Skeptic's Dictionary: Satan
Skeptic's Dictionary: Satanic Ritual Abuse
Skeptic's Dictionary: Scallion, Gordon-Michael
Skeptic's Dictionary: Scapulimancy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Science
Skeptic's Dictionary: Scientism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Scientology
Skeptic's Dictionary: Scrying
Skeptic's Dictionary: Sance
Skeptic's Dictionary: Selective Thinking
Skeptic's Dictionary: Self-Deception
Skeptic's Dictionary: Shark Cartilage
Skeptic's Dictionary: Shotgunning
Skeptic's Dictionary: Shroud of Turin
Skeptic's Dictionary: Silva Mind Control
Skeptic's Dictionary: Sitchin, Zecharia
Skeptic's Dictionary: Sixth Sense
Skeptic's Dictionary: Skepticism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Slick 50
Skeptic's Dictionary: Sokal Hoax
Skeptic's Dictionary: Sollog
Skeptic's Dictionary: Sorcery
Skeptic's Dictionary: Souls
Skeptic's Dictionary: Speed Reading
Skeptic's Dictionary: Spells
Skeptic's Dictionary: Spiritualism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Spontaneous Human Combustion
Skeptic's Dictionary: Star Child
Skeptic's Dictionary: Stichomancy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Stigmata
Skeptic's Dictionary: Subliminal
Skeptic's Dictionary: Substance Abuse Treatment
Skeptic's Dictionary: Swastika
Skeptic's Dictionary: Sympathetic Magic
Skeptic's Dictionary: Tachyons & Takionics
Skeptic's Dictionary: Talisman
Skeptic's Dictionary: Tantra
Skeptic's Dictionary: Tarot Cards
Skeptic's Dictionary: Tart, Charles
Skeptic's Dictionary: Telekinesis
Skeptic's Dictionary: Telepathy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Teleportation
Skeptic's Dictionary: Testimonials
Skeptic's Dictionary: Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Theist
Skeptic's Dictionary: Theories
Skeptic's Dictionary: Theosophy
Skeptic's Dictionary: True-Believer Syndrome
Skeptic's Dictionary: Unconscious Mind
Skeptic's Dictionary: Unicorns
Skeptic's Dictionary: Urantia Book
Skeptic's Dictionary: Urine Therapy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Vampires
Skeptic's Dictionary: Van Praagh, James
Skeptic's Dictionary: Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision
Skeptic's Dictionary: Victim Soul
Skeptic's Dictionary: Vitalism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Warlock
Skeptic's Dictionary: Lady of Watsonville
Skeptic's Dictionary: Werewolf
Skeptic's Dictionary: Wicca
Skeptic's Dictionary: Wishful Thinking
Skeptic's Dictionary: Witches
Skeptic's Dictionary: Wizard
Skeptic's Dictionary: WWJD
Skeptic's Dictionary: Xenoglossy
Skeptic's Dictionary: Yin-Yang
Skeptic's Dictionary: Zener Cards
Skeptic's Dictionary: Zermatism
Skeptic's Dictionary: Zombis & P-Zombies
Healthcare Reality Check: Acupuncture
Healthcare Reality Check: AIDS Quackery
Skeptics Society: The AIDS Heresies
Healthcare Reality Check: Alchemical Dentistry
Skeptic's Dictionary: Bermuda Triangle
SciFiDimensions: Classic Trek - The Lost Episode
SciFiDimensions: Angels & Demons
SciFiDimensions: Faith Healing & Psychic Surgery
United States Geological Survey: Earthquake Information
National Earthquake Information Center: Current Earthquake Activity
Explore Zone: Earthquakes
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld's China Acupuncture Story Questioned
MagicTricks.com: Articles & Tips
MagicTricks.com: Houdini e-Postcard
Paul Winchell: Winchell Mahoney Time
Skeptics Society: For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls
MagicTricks.com: Jokes
All Magic Guide: Magic & More
Magic Times: Magic News
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About.com: Paranormal Phenomena
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ParaScope: Roswell & Area 51
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ParaScope: Ancient Mysteries
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ParaScope: Curiouser & Curiouser
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sci.skeptic FAQ: Uri Geller
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sci.skeptic FAQ: Sensory Leakage
sci.skeptic FAQ: Dowsing
sci.skeptic FAQ: Ganzfeld Experiment
sci.skeptic FAQ: UFOs
sci.skeptic FAQ: Channeling
sci.skeptic FAQ: Crop Circles
sci.skeptic FAQ: Alien Abduction
sci.skeptic FAQ: Cattle Mutilations
sci.skeptic FAQ: Face on Mars
sci.skeptic FAQ: Tunguska
sci.skeptic FAQ: The Dogon
sci.skeptic FAQ: Double-Blind Trial & Placebos
sci.skeptic FAQ: Homeopathy
sci.skeptic FAQ: Faith Healing & Alternative Therapy
sci.skeptic FAQ: Aromatherapy
sci.skeptic FAQ: Reflexology & Iridology
sci.skeptic FAQ: Acupuncture
sci.skeptic FAQ: Psychic Surgery
sci.skeptic FAQ: Crystal Healing
sci.skeptic FAQ: Religious Healing
sci.skeptic FAQ: Creationism & Evolution
sci.skeptic FAQ: Carbon-14 Dating
sci.skeptic FAQ: Dendrochronology
sci.skeptic FAQ: Second Law of Thermodynamics
sci.skeptic FAQ: Velikovsky
sci.skeptic FAQ: Human Footprints
sci.skeptic FAQ: Firewalking
sci.skeptic FAQ: New-Agers
sci.skeptic FAQ: Gaia Hypothesis
sci.skeptic FAQ: Nostradamus
sci.skeptic FAQ: Astrology
sci.skeptic FAQ: Mars Effect
sci.skeptic FAQ: Kirlian Photography
sci.skeptic FAQ: Perpetual Machines
sci.skeptic FAQ: False Memory Syndrome
Rocky Mountain Skeptics: Facilitated Communication
Rocky Mountain Skeptics: Therapeutic Touch
Truly Dangerous Co.: Alien Autopsy
David Willey: Firewalking
The Straight Dope: How are Shrunken Heads Made?
Illusion Works: Illusions
PHACTUM: Astrology
JREF: Cottingley Fairies
JREF: Cold Reading
JREF: Dowsing
NCAS: The Condon Report
NCAS: UFO Symposium
NCAS: Cold Fusion Research
NCAS: Report on Joseph Newman's Device
The Straight Dope: Do Copper Bracelets Ease Pain?
PHACTUM: Longevity
PHACTUM: Joseph Newman
PHACTUM: Impossibilities
PHACTUM: Dowsing
PHACTUM: Miracles
The Straight Dope: Does Acupuncture Really Work?
PHACTUM: Evidence
PHACTUM: Cryonics
PHACTUM: Therapeutic Touch
PHACTUM: Alternative Healthcare
PHACTUM: Memetics
PHACTUM: Homeopathy
PHACTUM: Mystery & Wonder
PHACTUM: Millennium
PHACTUM: Science Fiction
PHACTUM: Judith Orloff
PHACTUM: Skepticism
PHACTUM: Skeptic Movement
PHACTUM: Television
PHACTUM: Gypsies
PHACTUM: Time Travel
United States Geological Survey: Common Myths About Earthquakes
University of Washington: Earthquake Prediction Information
About.com: Earthquake Prediction
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Arizona K-12 Education: Earthquake Prediction
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Levity.com: Unusual Animal Behavior and Earthquake Prediction
Alaska Science Forum: Earthquake Lights
Laurentian University: Tectonic Strain Theory as an Explanation for UFO Phenomena
About.com: UFO/Aliens forum on Earthquake
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AIDS 101: Online Resource for AIDS & HIV Information
The Body: An AIDS and HIV Information Resource
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Alaska Science Forum: Sun Dogs and Light Shafts
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University of Michigan: Watch for Halos, Pillars and Sun Dogs in Michigans Winter Skies
NASA: Ask a NASA Scientist about Sundogs and Moondogs
Parhelia: Sun Dogs
The Straight Dope: Does the jackalope have a rabbit's body but an antelope's horns?
The Straight Dope: Is There such a thing as "Photographic Memory"?
Marshall Brain: What is a Birthmark?
Marshall Brain: What Makes us Yawn?
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Darwin Day Program: Resources on Charles Darwin & Evolution
AboutDarwin.com: The Life & Times of Charles Darwin
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Sr. Hughes: A Tribute to Scooby Doo
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Web Orama: Scooby Doo Web Orama
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Tampa Bay Skeptics: Snippets
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Marshall Brain: How Do the Northern Lights Work?
Marshall Brain: What is the Difference between Snow, Sleet and Freezing Rain?
The Straight Dope: What's with news reports about things traveling faster than light?
Marshall Brain: Why Do Hurricanes Move as if they have a Mind of their Own?
The Straight Dope: Have studies proven that prayer can help heal the sick?
AAAS: Home Site
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Tampa Bay Skeptics: Snippets
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Press promotes paranormal while slamming sweepstakes
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Florida woman's "miraculous" cure featured on Unsolved Mysteries
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Florida councilwoman tells of 'UFO cure' on Maury Povich Show
Tampa Bay Skeptics: "Past lives" gurus bring their side-show schtick to Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Psychic Pets
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Skunk Ape
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Psychokinetic Powers Fail to Impress
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Ramtha
Tampa Bay Skeptics: The Day The Earth Stood Still: A "Repressed Memory" Story From Hell
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Rheo Therapy Follow-Up
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Skepticial scientist defends against lawsuit brought by controversial clinic
Marshall Brain: Why is the Sky Blue?
Science Magazine: Content & Supplemental Material
Tampa Bay Skeptics: The More Things Change
Tampa Bay Skeptics: "A Wondrous World"
The Straight Dope: Is there a face on Mars?
The Straight Dope: What's the story on "ganzfeld" experiments?
The Straight Dope: What's the scoop on Edgar Cayce, the "Sleeping Prophet"?
The Straight Dope: What's up with cryptozoologists, the guys who investigate mythical beasts?
Scientific American: Paradise Now?
Scientific American: Calling All Comet Hunters
Scientific American: Pop Top Comet
Scientific American: Martian Graffiti
Scientific American: From Mars, With Love
Scientific American: Mysteries of the Moon Pyramid
Scientific American: Cosmic Mirages
Scientific American: A Theory That Doesn't Fly
Scientific American: Hello, La Nina
The Straight Dope: What are the 13 U.S. intelligence agencies?
Scientific American: Captain Kirk, Meet HAL
Scientific American: Slices of the Past
Scientific American: Restoring Virtual Ruins
Scientific American: The Trail of Hale-Bopp
Scientific American: Mother Nature's Medicine Cabinet
Scientific American: Flying on Time
Scientific American: Close Encounter
Scientific American: Reading the Book of Life
Scientific American: The Modern Human Origins Morass
Scientific American: Exploring the Musical Brain
X-Mission: A Brief Essay on Perfect Skepticism
Scientific American: A Pale Blue Planet Mourns the Passing of a Passionate Scientist
CNN: Carl Sagan dies at 62
Cornell University: Carl Sagan, Cornell astronomer, dies today (Dec. 20) in Seattle
CJ Boutil: What is Skepticism?
The Straight Dope: What's up with the "Bible Code"?
The Straight Dope: Is it really dangerous to wake sleepwalkers?
CIA: CIA for Kids
Science Online: Science Online
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Science Fiction & Skeptics
Science Now: Top Stories
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Anthropology & Shamanism
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Shamanism Revisited
EurekAlert: Latest Science news updated daily
Marshall Brain: Can You Make Time Stand Still?
Tampa Bay Skeptics: The Ambiguous Virtues of Doubt
Marshall Brain: How Do You Throw a Boomerang so that it comes back to you?
Marshall Brain: Two Cans & A String
Skeptics Society: What is a Skeptic?
Australian Skeptics: Kicking Against the Pricks
Marshall Brain: How Does this Card Trick Work?
Marshall Brain: How Does a Lava Lamp Work?
Bucks County Courier Times: Puck Power
The Tenacious Mars Effect foreward: The Mars Effect
Jim Lippard's Pages: Scientology Vs the Internet
Virtual Design: Virtual Voodoo
Talk Origins Archive: Lucy's Knee Joint
Skeptics Society: Update on the Ark Hoax
Skeptics Society: Sun Goes Down in Flames: the Jammal Ark Hoax
Secular Web: The Fabulous Prophecies of the Messiah
Jim Lippard's Pages: The Proper Role of Skeptical Organizations
National Center for Science Education: How Not to Argue with Creationists
Steven W. Baggs: Creation Science: An Evolution Revolution
Donald Simanek's Pages: Characterization of Quack Theories
Paul V. Heinrich: Debunking the Paluxy River Claims
Marshall Brain: Friday the 13th
QuackWatch: Homeopathy and Its Kindred Delusions
Annapolis Valley Skeptic: Therapeutic Touch
Marshall Brain: What is a Remotely Operated Spy Plane?
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Florida's Legendary Skunk Ape
Tampa Bay Skeptics: UFOs, Scientists & Stanford University Part I
Tampa Bay Skeptics: UFOs, Scientists & Stanford University Part II
Earth Lights: Earth Lights
Marshall Brain: Voyager Spacecraft & Messages sent via Radio Wave
Marshall Brain: Can You See Satellites in Orbit?
Mike Sofka: Myths of Skepticism
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Spontaneous Human Combustion
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Spontaneous Human Combustion case remains open in St. Pete.
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Do Cars Really Roll Up "Spook Hill"?
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Talking to the living loved ones of the dearly departed
Tampa Bay Skeptics: Psychic Mediums & Life After Death
Closer To Truth: What is Consciousness?
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Closer To Truth: Do Brains Make Minds?
Marshall Brain: Polymer Crystals
Closer To Truth: Strange Physics of the Mind?
Closer To Truth: Can Science Seek the Soul?
Marshall Brain: Why Does the Sky Get Dark at Night?
UnMuseum: Spooklights
Annapolis Valley Skeptic: Magentic Therapy
Annapolis Valley Skeptic: Chiropractic Care
Annapolis Valley Skeptic: Ear Candling
Joshua David Mather Sr.: Confessions of a Former Iridologist
Grand Illusions: Fun & Games
Bad Science: Bad Science
Closer To Truth: What is Parapsychology
Closer To Truth: Can ESP Effect Our Lives?
Closer To Truth: What's Creativity and Who's Creative?
Closer To Truth: Can You Learn to be Creative?
Closer To Truth: How Did We Think in the Last Millennium?
Closer To Truth: How Does Technology Transform Thinking?
Donald Simanek's Pages: The Principles of Artistic Illusions
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Closer To Truth: Can You Really Extend Your Life?
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Closer To Truth: Can We Imagine the Far Future?
Closer To Truth: What Are the Grand Questions of Science?
Closer To Truth: What Are the Next Breakthroughs in Science
Closer To Truth: Why is Quantum Physics so Beautiful?
Quack Files: The Quack-Files
Annapolis Valley Skeptics: Planetary Alignment & Doomsday
JREF: Vibravision
Horror Find: Halloween
Halloween Heaven: Halloween
Chris Nelson: A History of the Apocalypse
Closer To Truth: How Did the Universe Begin?
Annapolis Valley Skeptics: True Astrology
Annapolis Valley Skeptics: Spontaneous Human Combustion
Annapolis Valley Skeptics: The Mystery of Loch Ness Solved?
Annapolis Valley Skeptics: Did We Really Land on the Moon?
Annapolis Valley Skeptics: The Face on Mars
Annapolis Valley Skeptics: The Shroud of Turin: Fact or Forgery?
Annapolis Valley Skeptics: Crop Circles
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Closer To Truth: Will Intelligence Fill the Universe
The Edge: Spare Me Your Memes
The Edge: What Kind of Thing is a Number?
The Edge: Why Can't You Go Faster than Light?
The Edge: On the Nature of Mathematical Concepts
The Edge: Time in Quantum Cosmology
The Edge: Biology & Emotions
The Edge: The 2 Steves
The Edge: Mirror Neurons & Imitation Learning
The Edge: Beyond 2001: HAL's Legacy
Annapolis Valley Skeptics: Police Psychics
Science Frontiers: Lights
The Edge: How is Personality Formed?
The Edge: The Unknown & The Unknowable
Watching You: Marfa Mystery Lights
Paul Devereux: Earth Lights Lecture
Scientific American Ask the Expert: Ball Lightning
ExploreZone: Sudden Increase in Asteroid Impacts May Have Fueled Life
ExploreZone: Threat of Asteroid Dies with More Data
ExploreZone: Martian Extremophiles
ExploreZone: How an Asteroid Impact Causes Extinction
SciFiDimensions: Joe Nickell Files
SciFiDimensions: UFOs & Alien Abductions
SciFiDimensions: Spontaneous Human Combustion
SciFiDimensions: Shroud of Turin
SciFiDimensions: Martian Oddities
SciFiDimensions: Psychics
SciFiDimensions: Spiritualism
Blindkat: Bermuda Triangle
Annapolis Valley Skeptics: Jesus Amongst the Clouds
Annapolis Valley Skeptics: The Roswell Incident
International Brotherhood of Magicians: Magicians
MagicTricks.com: The Library of Magic
MagicTricks.com: The Museum of Magic
Ball Lightning Page: Ball Lightning Page
From Australia: A Theory of Ball Lightning as an Electrical Discharge
Obiwan's UFO-free Paranormal Page: Ghost Lights
About.com: Spook Lights - Where to Find Them
About.com: Sedona Spooklights
Joplin: Spook Light
Marshall Brain: How Big Does a Meteor Have to be to Make it to the Ground?
Marshall Brain: What Exactly is MENSA?
Marshall Brain: How Does Someone Become a Saint?
Marshall Brain: How Does a Lie Detector Work?
Marshall Brain: What is the Year 2038 Problem?
Marshall Brain: How Do I Build a Telescope at Home?
Marshall Brain: How Do Fireflies Light Up?
Marshall Brain: How Long Can a Human Survive in Outer Space?
Marshall Brain: How Do One-Way Mirrors Work?
Marshall Brain: How Does a Seismograph Work? What is the Richter Scale?
Marshall Brain: What Do the Symbols on US Currency Mean?
Marshall Brain: How Does Gravity Work?
Marshall Brain: How Does a lightsaber in Star Wars Work?
Marshall Brain: What Causes a Rainbow?
All Things Cryptozoological: Links
The Cryptozoologist: Cryptozoology
Ocean Lab: Giant Squid Page
Ben Roeschs Cryptozoological Archives: "Scientists Close in on Elusive Giant Squid"
Ben Roeschs Cryptozoological Archives: "Testing Waters to Learn More About Giant Squid"
The Cryptozoology Underground: Globsters
Glen Kuban Web Site: "Sea Monster or Shark?"
Globsters: St. Augustines Giant Octopus
Smithsonian Natural History Museum: Ocean Planet - In Search of the Giant Squid
Smithsonian Institution: Search for the Giant Squid
Discovery Channel: Quest for the Giant Squid
The Unmuseum: Giant Squid
Atlantic County Online: The Jersey Devil
The Press of Atlantic City: Jersey Devil
New Jersey Pinelands Commission Kids Korner: The Legend of the Jersey Devil
Central Iowa Skeptics: Online Mood Ring Activity
New York Press: Run With the Devil: The Monster in Jerseys Pines
Crypto Web: Jersey Devil
Elk Township Local Area Mythology Page: The Jersey Devil
The Fix: The Jersey Devil Legend
X-Project Paranormal Magazine: "The Jersey Devil"
Crypto Web: Mothman
Parascope Cryptozoo: "Mothman"
Fortean Times: Why Mothman Belongs in Cryptozoology
Article:: Who is the Mothman?
Blather: A Mothman Retrospective
The Unexplained Site: Mothman
Simon's Page: Apparitions of Black Dogs
At the Edge: Black Dogs in Folklore
At the Edge: Black Dogs - Guardians of the Corpse Ways
At the Edge: Hellhounds, Werewolves and the Germanic Underworld
Sussex Archeology and Folklore: Ghostly Black Dogs
Orkneyjar: Phantom Animals
Roleplayer: Black Dogs, Church Grims and Hell Hounds
Barguest Internet: Phantom Dogs
UnMuseum: Loch Ness Monster
Scotland Online: Loch Ness Live
Castle of Spirits: Loch Ness Monster
NessScape: The Legend of Nessie
Loch Ness Guide: Nessie, Fact or Fiction
University of Edinburgh: Loch Ness Monster
NOVA online: The Beast of Loch Ness
Live Web Cam: Loch Ness
Strange Magazine: Nessie
Loch-Ness.org: Loch Ness and Loch Ness Monster Information Site
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: Loch Ness
Official Loch Ness Exhibition Centre: Loch Ness
Discovery Channel: News Brief - Loch Ness Mystery Solved
Scotland Calling: Loch Ness Monster, the Scottish Legend
Hard Science for Fun and Profit: Crypto
National Post: Anorexia researcher delivers the usual spin
NASA: National Aeronautic And Space Administration
NICAP: National Investigation Comittee On Aerial Phenomena
Lowry Brothers: Nutrasweet Myths
National Geographic: Aurora Borealis
Pro-Paranormal Online Resources
Herper.com African Mystery Animals:On the Trail of Brontosaurus
Crypto’s Cavern:Mokele-Mbembe - The Hunt for the Living Dinosaur
Alien World:Aliens & UFO Phenomena
Monster Hunters:Monster Hunters
Suite 101:Full Moon Madness
One Giant Leap:The Allure of the Moon - A Wet, Howling Mouthful of Moon
Bluenorth:Bluenorth Bigfoot Research and Other Unexplained Events
G.C.B.R.O.:Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization
Northwest Bigfoot:Sasquatch of the Pacific Northwest
John Bindernagel:North America’s Great Ape – The Sasquatch
Bigfoot Encounters:Bigfoot Encounters
George Karras:Bigfoot: America's Ape
Mystery Magazine:Anomalies of Time - Out of Place Fossils
Mystery Magazine:Unknown Sea Creatures
Mystery Magazine:Black Dog Legends
Mystery Magazine:Strange Lights From the Sea
Strange Magazine:Haunts
Strange Magazine:Alien Skies
Strange Magazine:Erratic Enigmatics
Strange Magazine:Rogue Nessie
Strange Magazine:Fauna in the Canyon
Institute of Creation Research:The Paluxy River Tracks
The Interactive Bible:Evidence that Dinosaurs and Humans Coexisted
Truth 2:Strange Structures on the Moon
Anomalies:The Alma and Yeti: Known Reports in Chronological Order
A. Ol'khovatov:Geophysical Meteors
PSI Tech :Remote Viewing Training
The Farsight Institute :The Farsight Institute
Remote Viewing Instructional Services :What is RV?
International Remote Viewing Organization :International Remote Viewing Organization
Superpowers of the Human Biomind:Remote Viewing: The Real Story
Rupert Sheldrake Online :Staring Experiments
Brian Walsh Website:The Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the 20th Century
Monstrous:Famous Ghosts and Hauntings
The Legend of the Yeti:Yeti
Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center:Bigfoot
OtherPlane:Ghost Stories
OtherPlane:Area 51
OtherPlane:Bermuda Triangle
OtherPlane:Extraterrestrial FAQ
OtherPlane:Alternative Healing
OtherPlane:Dowsing Seminar
Museum of Unnatural Mystery:Yeti
Museum of Unnatural Mystery:Khufu's Great Pyramid
Cyber Space Orbit:"Orbs: The New Face of This Reality"
Prairie Ghosts:"Spirit Photographs: Orbs and Globes of Light"
John Edward Official Web Site:All About John Edward
OtherPlane:Abominable Snowman / Yeti
OtherPlane:Bigfoot / Sasquatch
OtherPlane:Loch Ness Monsters
OtherPlane:Communicating Through Time & Space
OtherPlane:Near Death Experience
OtherPlane:Out of Body Experience
OtherPlane:Recurring Dreams
OtherPlane:The Light
OtherPlane:Ouija Board
Museum of Unnatural Mystery:UFO Mysteries
Museum of Unnatural Mystery:Ancient Astronauts
Ellen G. White Web:Phrenology
Ellen G. White Web:Ellen White
James Berkland:Syzygy
Charlotte King:Biologic Earthquake Prediction
Sollog:Earthquake Prediction
Uri Geller:Uri Geller's Official Website
Victor Zammit:Incident of Psychic Lights
Internation Ghost Hunters Society:"Insights into Orbs"
Paranormal News:Review of the 2001 Remote Viewing Conference
Paranormal News:Articles on UFOs & Alien Phenomena
Strange Magazine:Globsters
Paranormal News:Mars
Paranormal News:Remote Viewing of Host of a Parasitic Organism from the Roswell Crash
Paranormal News:Ancient India had Vimana Spacecraft Technology
Paranormal News:Alien Abduction Account with Photos
Paranormal News:An Alien Abduction Experience
Paranormal News:Ancient Astronauts
Paranormal News:How to Contact Space Intelligences
Paranormal News:Mars Findings Hint at Life
Paranormal News:The Significance of Number 7
Paranormal News:Duty by Aleister Crowley
Paranormal News:Jimmy Carter's UFO Report
Paranormal News:Dream Database
Paranormal News:"True" Ghost Stories
ZON:5000 Year Old Alphabet Found on Five Continents
Christopher Dunn:Advanced Machining in Egypt
Knights Templar:Ancient Aircraft
Isle of Avalon Knowledge Bank:Ancient City Found
"Science" Frontiers Online:Ancient Egyptians Visit America
Paul White:Ancient Egypt - Link with Australia
Home of the Devil Hunters:Leuts Jersey Devil Page
New Jersey Online:The Jersey Devil
Mothman "Official" Site:Mothman Lives
Article::The Mystery of the Mothman
Ghosts of the Prairie:"Mothman: The Enigma of Point Pleasant"
Mysterious Britain:The Lyme Regis Black Dog
Isle of Man:Peel Castle Moddey Dhoo
Nessie on the Net:Live Web Cam
Paranormal Research Primer:Loch Ness Monster
CSETI:[C]enter For the [S]each For [E]xtraterestial [I]ntelligence

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