New Stories:

Phantom Rescue by Andrew Finnigan

Neutrino Jam by Brad Smith
Original Short-Fiction:
Phantom Rescue by Andrew Finnigan (Dec. 1/02)
A deadly accident leaves a group of sailors struggling for survival. They needed a miracle, but is that what they got?
JS#4: Neutrino Jam (Oct. 20/02)
If a tree falls in the forest, and only a Neutrino Tracker is tracking it, did it really fall? Yes, obviously. But thats beside the point.
JS#3: Project Redbook (Oct. 14/02)
The sky is falling! Or at least blinking on and off a bit. Is it aliens? Or is there another explanation?
JS#2: Calls from the Afterlife (Oct. 9/02)
This week's show: the Skeptic vs. the Psychic. Who will come out on top? You decide. Only on 'Paranormal Universe.'
JS#1: Round and Round (Oct. 9/02)
The truth is out there! And part-time paranormal investigator Jim Sayles is going to find it. Can you read the signs?
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