New Stories:

Phantom Rescue by Andrew Finnigan

Neutrino Jam by Brad Smith

Submission Guidelines

There are no restrictions on the topic of submissions, except that they are somehow related to one of the underlying themes of the Young Skeptics Program. For example: science, skepticism, critical thinking and the search for truth. Because this is a part of the YOUNG Skeptics website, submissions must be appropriate for a younger audience. Therefore, no gratuitous violence, profanity or sexually explicit content is permitted.

Fictional submissions may be of any format. Short stories, poems, haikus, novels, etc... are all equally acceptable.

Articles should be complete, well-researched, informative and hopefully entertaining as well. References to books and websites with more information are highly recommended.

The judging of submissions for prizes is scheduled to take place twice each year. The submission deadline for the next judging is April 31, 2003, at midnight. The winners will be announced soon after that. First prize is a one-year subscription to Skeptical Inquirer Magazine. Second prize is a copy of the book The Outer Edge, or another book if you already have that one. Other prizes may also be awarded, depending on the availability of inventory that we want to get rid of.

If you wish to submit a piece of writing for consideration, e-mail it to Brad Smith ( [email protected]), with the word 'youngskeptics' in the subject (Just to be sure that it doesn't get spam-filtered). The preferred format is plain text pasted directly into the body of the e-mail. I will try to proofread your submission and get back to you within a week.

About the Editor

I'm currently attending school at the University of Waterloo in Canada, majoring in (of all things) Computer Science. In my spare time, I enjoy martial arts, cycling, and (obviously) writing. Send any comments or questions to Brad Smith ([email protected]).
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